Terms & Conditions:

- Students must have valid learner’s permit with them during all driving appointment. Failure to bring the permit will count as a missed appointment and the student will pay $50 for rescheduling.

- The use of alcohol and/or drugs during training is strictly prohibited.

- Students must obtain 75% in car & 80% in classroom in order to receive Course Completion Certificate.

- A $50 fee for NSF cheque will be charged.

- 24 hrs notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling of appointments; otherwise $50 will be charged.

- On-line classes are available with an up charge of $50 plus GST.

- A $35 fee will be charged tor provide duplicate certificate if lost by you.

Refund Policy:

- $50 Registration fee is non-refundable.

- $50/hr will be charged for any hours of car training the student has received.

- The student will be charged $100 if any classroom training was received.

- We reserve the right to change pricing and policy without prior notice.